Announcing the winner of our “Studio Nienke Helder” giveaway

Robin the winner of the Nienke Helder contest
Meet Robin, the lucky winner of our very first contest!

Finally we got the chance to show you Robin, the lucky winner of our very first contest. Robin lives in Berghem (NL), she loves tea, but above all, she loves sharing a good cuppa with her best friends! Thanks to the ceramic cups designed and handmade by Nienke Helder, Robin can enjoy her tea time with style!

hand made ceramic cups

During the Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven TEA stories for the first time opened up its door. We are extremely glad for all the good feedbacks we received from all of you and above all, for all the interests in our very fist contest!

We are so excited to share with you the lucky winner today! But firstly, we want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!

Handmade ceramic cups

The pictures above (special thanks to the talented photographer Diewke) show the handmade ceramics chosen as prize for this Dutch Design contest. The artist, Nienke Helder, worked at different ceramics studio’s in both The Netherlands and the U.S. and after graduating at the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), she started her own design studio in Eindhoven, where she designs and produces her own ceramics.

For the ones who could not make it to visit us during the Dutch Design Week this year, check out few pics of the event here.

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