Meet us

Tea stories is the first 100% vegan bubble tea brand. Our goal is to inspire towards a more sustainable, healthy and conscious living.

What’s our story?

Our name is a blend of two elements, ‘Tea’ 茶 representing our signature product and source of inspiration, and ‘Stories’ 事多 as symbol of a mindful, sustainable and healthier way of living. 

We believe that every choice we have makes an impact. Being more conscious about the stories of the products we buy, their origin, how they are made help us make better choices for the planet.

Tea stories offers a healthier, cleaner and fully vegan alternative to the world-famous bubble tea drink. 

Our values

Nourishing a better planet…
All our drinks are made with plant based milk and ingredients (no we do not serve cow milk!). We believe that shifting toward a more plant-based diet is an essential step in reducing our environmental footprint and live a more conscious and compassionate life.

a better body. We use real tea, real fruits and high quality ingredients carefully selected instead of artificial powders and syrups to create the most delicious drinks and food. All milk teas are prepared with in-house made ingredients. In this way we make sure that what goes inside is always in line with our high quality standard.

a better mind & soul… We create a unique modern (bubble) tea experience. Our minimalistic interior is a plain canvas where our creative drinks stand out to creates a welcoming, relaxed and inspiring vibe where everyone can slow down and feel at ease.

…and a better community. We know the importance of creating a circle of like-minded people to inspire as many people as possible towards a more sustainable living. That’s why we create events to engage with the local community and businesses, collaborate with local artists to elevate our customer experience and reward the most loyal customers with out stamp card program.