I am Lucia, 28-year-old Italian living in Eindhoven since 2015. I grew up in a little village of nearly 500 people, daydreaming about adventures abroad and having a life worth living. When I am not drinking tea, you can usually find me having friends over, spotting cool places in the city, running with my dog Moka, doing yoga.

After my studies in Business Administration in Rome, I moved to Eindhoven for an internship at Philips. As many of my friends, I started my carrier in a big multinational but that didn’t feel like it belonged to me…something inside was telling me to go out and find where my passion really was. My anxiety was becoming a real issue and I was feeling uncomfortable about the way I was living my life.

My first family visit in China (my boyfriend is Chinese!) was for me a life changer: I became infatuated with tea culture and the way tea made me feel. After experimenting with organic teas, aromatic spices and therapeutic herbs for two years, I decided to give a name to my tea obsession and in 2018 Tea Stories was founded.

“Tired of living by the rule, tea slowly helped me transform inside out, unlocking the path to a more meaningful and simple living”

Tea taught me to take care of my health, improving my digestion, my skin while giving me a boost of antioxidant to keep my body young and protect it from damage of pollution. But most importantly, tea inspired me to start living a more simple life, appreciating the quiet and simple moments and to share great tea with the people I love.

Cup after cup, tea inspired me to care about the story behind all things and food that I buy, learning to consciously select based on the origin, on how sustainable the package is, the quality of the material and ingredients used.

“Tea taught me to appreciate simple things while paying attention to the environment and people around me”