TAP INTO YOUR INTUITION – Facial Reflexology workshop


Sunday, 2 April 2023
09:45 – 11:15 (in English)

Have you ever been confronted with a difficult decision and wished to have the intuition towards the right direction to follow? Have you ever felt the tension building up in your whole body because of this stressful situation? Do you find it difficult to really listen and follow that little voice inside? Then this workshop is for you!

Facial reflexology is like foot reflexology but instead we work on our facial skin. This Vietnamese healing method brings back balance in the body and/or mind and contains many protocols to activate specific points on the face that are linked to our entire body. Activating these points through light pressure will restore the correct flow of energy. During this workshop we learn a special protocol about how to “Tap into your intuition”. It will bring you closer to your inner voice and your gut feeling. On top of that, it will help you find serenity by relaxing your nervous system.

After the workshop Aurore, founder of Les Matins Lumière will present you exclusively the first facial reflexology tool made into a wearable jewellery piece “Solis”! She will share with you the secrets of this unique pendant that
can be used for your on-the-go facial reflexology routine.


Add-ons total:




  • Introduction to Facial Reflexology and “Tap into your intuition protocol”
  • Collagen boosting milk tea by Tea stories
  • Introduction to the exclusive Facial Reflexology jewellery tool “Solis” custom made by Les
    Matins Lumière. You automatically receive a €10 discount on “Solis” when attending the
  • Digital guide to continue the self-healing process at home containing a map of the face
    and video tutorials

Inge, founder of Akasha blends, she is a Guasha and Facial reflexology practitioner and teacher. Through her facial treatments and natural handmade skincare products, she wants to inspire and celebrate your inner and outer beauty.
Aurore, goldsmith and founder of Les Matins Lumière, she explores her fascination for light forms and materiality, while developing new production techniques in her atelier at Kade Clubhuis.
Lucia, founder of Tea stories, she wants to inspire towards a more sustainable, healthy and conscious living. Tea stories is the first 100% vegan bubble tea brand offering a healthier, cleaner and fully vegan alternative to the world-famous bubble tea drink.

DISCLAIMER: In some cases it is better NOT to practice facial reflexology. It is better to avoid this when:
-You have had Botox and/or fillers or cosmetic surgery
-You are in the first 3 months of your pregnancy
-You have a pacemaker and/or other implants
-You use medication for psychological problems
-You suffer from dementia/Alzheimer
-You have open wounds
-On wet eczema/acne
-You just had surgery
-You have high or low blood pressure.