Tea and cheese pairing workshop


Sunday 29th of March

Torenallee 22-04, Eindhoven

15:00 – 16:30



We all know tea. It is in the top three of most drank beverage in the world. And it is really easy: boil water, get a tea bag, sopping and you are done!
However tea is so much more than what you see at that moment. Tea is a pure product with a rich pallet of aromas. Great to enjoy but even better to pair it with food.
Linda is a tea sommelier and she will introduce to different kind of tea paired with a very typical Dutch product: cheese!
During the tasting you will learn and experience how tea and cheese pairings enhance both, through complex aromas and flavors, producing new third flavors.
This workshop suits both beginners and more advanced tea connoisseurs.


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