Tea Meditation by Tea Stories x Atelier Rebalance


Tea meditation followed by mindful eating with vegan food.

Sunday 15th of September

Torenallee 22-04, Eindhoven

10:00 – 12:00

Yksi Expo

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“The art of the tea Way consists simply of boiling water, preparing tea and drinking it.” – Rikyu

Does your mind ever feel overwhelmed by your emotions and thoughts or that you are not able to focus productively on one task at the time?

Do you need help to reduce stress and improve your overall health?

Join this beautiful tea meditation session organised jointly by Atelier Rebalance and Tea stories to learn how to find peace and de-stress. The tea meditation practice will be followed by a session of mindful eating with some delicious freshly prepared vegan food.

Why tea together with meditation? When tea was introduced in Japan around the 12th century, it was quickly adopted by the zen monks as a way to stay awake during their meditation. The powerful aroma, calming qualities, and ordinary everyday nature of drinking tea made it an easy to evolve into another beautiful form of meditation.

The Japanese tea ceremony can be summed up by the Zen phrase “one time, one meeting” which is meant to remind us of the beauty and uniqueness of the present moment.

This is exactly how the Japanese tea ceremony is performed: two people experiencing the simple and ordinary act of drinking a cup of tea.

Aware that this act is totally and completely unique, and will never come again as it is right now, you drink your tea with complete awareness and appreciation of the moment.


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