Women’s Circle Eindhoven


Wednesday, 28 June 2023
19:30 – 21:30 (walk-in from 19:15)
One free drink from Tea stories and snacks are included in the price


You are rushed at all times. Your to-do list is longer than one page. You notice yourself being frustrated at small things. Your mind is always, yes always, turned on. You can’t remember the last time you just did something for yourself. You keep on smiling, even if you feel like crying. Requests of friends for a catch-up are stressing you out. And some quality time with your partner at night, nah, no energy for that.

If you can relate to all or some of these, good chance you don’t really feel connected to yourself. And honestly, I get it. Being busy is a normal thing. Much is expected of us. Our agendas are full and we like to be occupied. Most of our social time is filled with small talk. And last but not least, the happiness of another is more important than yours.

Wouldn’t you like to escape this all if you could, even if it is just for a small moment? 


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WHAT TO EXPECT: If you feel a yes, our Women’s Circle is here for you. Together we will connect to our body, calm down our nervous systems, gain some clarity and share in a safe place. Because what is actually more important in life than just taking a moment for you?

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: The Women’s Circle will be held in a safe and cozy place where you will feel at ease and welcome with all that lives in you. Some tea and small snacks will be provided by us. We would like to ask you to bring your own yoga mat and blanket. Please let us know if you don’t have any, so we can see what we can do.

women's circle EindhovenABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Hey you, my name is Maud and my business is called Your Journey Home. I’m a truth seeker and cannot settle for less than what really feels good and pure. So yes, I’ve been there. I’ve had a busy life and a mind that I had given a lot of control. However, deep down I’ve always known there is more to life. So I went and am still on a quest for home. A place that is vividly alive in my memory. A place filled with clarity, peace and truth. One that, now I’m way more connected to myself than before, I can journey to. And you know what, I can take you there. I would love to! Because I truly believe we all have our own truth. And it makes me smile when I see it appear. You in your full authentic self. Connected. At ease. Strong. I cannot wait to meet YOU.