Bring the power of tea to the world

We are relentless about bringing the finest whole-leaf teas directly from the tea farms to inspire tea enthusiastic (and future ones) to have more tea in their life. Because what’s good to your body, does good to your mind too. This is the essence of what we do – but it hardly tells the whole story.

Inspiring simple and conscious living is at the core of why we do what we do at Tea stories. Tea changes lives, and if it changes enough lives, it changes the world – it’s our calling.

Conscious simplicity

At Tea stories you will find a simple and minimal designed space, friendly and professional stuff, together with the finest loose leaf tea from China, Japan and around the world that we selected with purpose, intent and with uncompromisingly commitment to quality.

We curate our product range based on our commitment to find what we believe is the best in category. We do this by thoroughly sourcing tea directly from farmers, researching the best ingredients, packaging, partners, addictive-free and artificial flavour-free blends and recipes: just simple and natural.

Tea shows us that well-being lies in simplicity rather than complexity.

We hope our tea inspires you to make time to appreciate the quiet moments, find joy in the simple things, and to share great tea with the people you love. By sharing the story behind every cuppa you drink, every meal you eat and every object you buy, we hope to inspire people to choose consciously and mindfully about what to eat and drink, rather then just consume.

Mindfully modern

We want to change the way people think about tea.

We believe in simplicity but it doesn’t mean we are boring! We like to keep our collection short by selecting only the most distinctive tea for each category but we are also looking for new ways in which tea can be used. Mocktails, tea latte, loose leaf as an ingredient, food and tea pairing, tea based face products…Tea is not just meant to be steeped once in a cup!