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TEA stories pop-up x restaurant NARESH

TEA stories proudly announce the collaboration with Naresh Ramdjas at the hotspot of the Dutch Design Week 2018: the Campina site. Come and grab an aromatic milk oolong, a fresh jasmine or an heart warming golden milk. Our favourite tea is always better with someone to share with, so grab a friend and join us at the restaurant NARESH!

Campina site will be buzzing with innovation and creativity from the student of the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) exposing their graduation projects, the ROBOT LOVE and envisions exhibitions, as well as other creative expositions.

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The food experience at Campina will be completed by a string of exclusive dinners, designed and prepared by the wonderful chef Naresh Ramdjas, in collaboration with envisions. To make this collaboration even more special, Tea stories will elevate the experience to cover all your senses: high quality tea perfectly paired with great food!

Already looking forward? Don’t miss out this chance and book a ticket for this amazing culinary and sensory experience.


Reservations are only possible for Dinners by NARESH x Envisions x Campus grounds.


How to reach us?

TEA stories and restaurant Naresh will be along the Kanaaldijk-Zuid and the Hugo van der Goeslaan.